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What we do

iTax may rely on professional experience of more than 30 years in indirect taxation and of more than 20 years in direct taxation. The company is specialized in all indirect tax matters and renders advisory and compliance services, relating to:

  • Luxembourg VAT
  • international VAT
  • other indirect taxes, including registration, donation and inheritance tax.

iTax also supplies advisory and compliance services in the field of direct taxation, including:

  • Corporate income tax
  • Municipal business tax
  • Wealth tax

Our strength in the field of tax advisory.

iTax strength is to supply tailor made , understandable and solution driven tax advice in three languages: French, German and English. Advisory services are delivered within a short time frame and at a very reasonable cost.

iTax has developed a very strong experience in the indirect taxation of real estate, banks and financial institutions.

iTax also offers specific VAT training and coaching.

Our strength in the field of tax compliance and other services.

iTax supplies accurate and timely delivered tax compliance services including:

  • drafting and electronic filing of periodic VAT returns
  • drafting and filing of non-periodic VAT returns (registration, options etc)
  • VAT refunds
  • drafting and filing of corporate tax returns
  • tax consolidation
  • review and commenting of tax assessments and other documents issued by the relevant tax administrations
  • liaison and follow-up with the tax administrations
  • appeals against taxation
  • assistance in VAT litigation
  • tax due diligence services